Hydrocollator Unit

Hydrocollator Unit

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Regardless of it's a stationary or portable model, our Hydrocollator Unit utilizes an inundation heating system in a vessel to convey water up to helpful temperatures of over 160 degrees. A pressure driven fine indoor regulator screens and keeps up the water temperature to guarantee steady packs' heating. The tanks are made of untainted steel to guarantee a long, helpful life and are protected to hold warm for upgraded vitality productivity and to counteract consumes. The abilities of our Hydrocollator Unit begin at four packs to ensure that the advisor or coach dependably has one at appropriate temperature available for the patients who require it.

Key Features:

  • Composed of bentonite
  • Abstain from burning the specialist
  • Guarantees a steady temperature supply
  • Fits impeccably on a desktop, ledge or portable stand