Ultrasound Jelly

Ultrasound Jelly

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Ultrasound Jelly is defined to perform like a coupling specialist and lessen static. Truth be told, the more gel, the superior- thus why numerous radiologists providing the exam heap it on. Other than ultrasounds themselves, our gel is additionally utilized with a Doppler that can be utilized to enable guardians and specialists to tune in to the heart beat of an unborn kid. Provided Ultrasound Jelly is generally made out of propylene glycol, water and every so often a color. The color is more for looks than improving it work. This is generally evident and thick, and somewhat sticky. That way, when it is connected to the skin it doesn't dribble or keep running off. Toward the end of the strategy, our gel can be wiped off effectively.

Key Features:

  • Medium for electromedical and demonstrative techniques
  • Decrease the danger of cross-pollution
  • Can be heated in existing customary gel warmers
  • Altogether watery and won't recolor